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What’s in a name – attorney, solicitor, barrister, lawyer…?

19 november 2017 door Liz van der L.
I’m always curious to find out how Dutch lawyers describe themselves in English. I’ve seen quite a few variations over the years that I have been teaching legal English to Dutch legal professionals. The most common variant that appears on the English language version of your business card seems to...
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Teaching at TU Delft | Workshop Legal English

13 november 2017 door Liz van der L.
As a Language Partners trainer specialising in legal English, my usual assignments consist of being sent to large city law firms, often to refresh the English of their trainee lawyers and to introduce them to the particular (and sometimes peculiar) vocabulary of the world of law. So imagine my surprise...

The English legal system: Out-of-date or just holding on to traditions?

18 februari 2016 door Liz van der L.
During training sessions legal English with lawyers, the conversation often turns to the differences between the English legal system and the Dutch system. Dutch lawyers often find my answers frustrating when I simply have to answer that English law is that way ‘just because it is’. They are often surprised...

False friends in the legal language world

30 oktober 2015 door Liz van der L.
I have been teaching legal English in the Netherlands for more than 10 years now, and I have taught all sorts of people: legal secretaries, support staff, commercial lawyers, lawyers from boutique firms, and lawyers from the public prosecutions office. And of course, they all want (and need) something different…...

Attached hereto is a monkey selfie

11 november 2014 door Vanessa Allen
This week a group of my students thought I may have gone slightly mad when I showed them a mug shot of a monkey who appeared to be grinning at the camera. I could sense their confusion – what has this got to do with Legal English? Their reaction was...

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