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Difference between a boss and a leader

2 augustus 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
There is a common cliché that says: people don’t quit a job, they quit their boss. While the statistics on this fluctuate, the idea remains true. People want to work for an organisation which treats them equally and inspires them to be their best. Empowering managers who have high employee...

Intercultural or Intracultural, Multicultural or Cross-culture? What’s the difference?

door Paul Van Zanten
As more and more is being written about various cultures and working amongst them, there are certain words and phrases that popping up quite often. Terms such as multicultural communication and cross cultural communication and intercultural communication are used almost interchangeably. Is there a difference? If so, what is it? ...

Dutchisms, Dunglish & Denglish

1 augustus 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
“During 32 years I was employed by Heineken, for many years responsible for the Asia Pacific. During most of those years I either travelled fifty percent of my time or lived and worked in the outside country.” What you’ve just read is the ‘Before Word’ from the book I Always...

How to Study

door Paul Van Zanten
When learning a new language, or anything new really, there are certain thought patterns that can reduce brain drain while making your efforts more efficient. Knowing how to learn and study is just as important as knowing how not to learn or study. Here are some tips and tricks to...

FAQ – Intercultural Communication (IC)

21 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
FAQ about Intercultural Communication (IC) In our second article highlighting FAQs we’ll explore the most commonly searched for questions relating to intercultural communication, or IC. We were able to group the IC related FAQs into two themes, the first being leading an intercultural team.  Before we get into it, we’ll...

FAQ – Language

door Paul Van Zanten
In our first article covering FAQs , we will share some of the most commonly searched for questions by students who want to learn a language. Some are specific to a particular language while others relate to general language learning. Our experience has also shown us that the following questions...

Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialisms and Contractions: What are they?

12 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
An abbreviation is a shortened word or phrase, for example, est. is a common abbreviation in English and is used to shorten the word established. Acronyms and Initialisms are different types of abbreviations.  An acronym is made up of the first letter from each word in a phrase, such as...

Enabling equity and inclusion through your organisational culture

4 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Previously in this series on diversity, equity and inclusive cultures (DEI), we have established why it’s imperative for international businesses to adapt their approach to people and culture. We then discussed how the implementation of effective leadership and carefully considered organisational structures are great ways to start developing inclusive cultures...

Dear Madam/Sir: The right start to your business emails

13 juni 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Anyone who writes a (business) letter or email has to make many choices. Not only about the content and structure, but also about the layout and tone of the text. This certainly includes the opening and closing of the letter or email. An incorrect or inappropriate salutation can be poorly...

How to create a sustainable structure for organisational change

25 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
What kind of structure is needed for the successful integration of diversity, equity and an inclusive culture? In our first article, we started the discussion with an introduction to the growing need for DEI. Our second article brought forth the need of a strong and Inclusive leader.  Here, we will...

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